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You have chosen to explore a truly unique experience that will provide you with many long-term benefits.

This experience will help you attain excellent physical and mental conditioning,

in addition to teaching you how to protect yourself and your loved ones.


You are going to learn an art based on thousands of years of physical and psychological training methods

that are grounded in Korean tradition. Coordination, strength, balance, and self-confidence are just a few of the

important physical elements you will learn, along with skills that will benefit you throughout your life.


As you begin this amazing journey of self-discovery, you will undoubtedly encounter challenges and

obstacles in your training. Our experienced Master and Instructors will assist you to overcome these trials

and help you to achieve the goals that are worthy of your efforts.


We set standards for our students that challenge them mentally, physically and spiritually.

The students in turn, develop self-control, confidence and willingness for self-improvement throughout their training.


As with all things, these achievements take time and effort. We look forward to walking the path of success with you.

- Master Yoon - 

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