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Little Tiger Class (Pre-K/Kindergarten)

Little Tiger Class

Our Little Tigers Classes are specially designed for pre-K and kindergarten aged children (4 and 5-year-olds). This class will help your children by promoting the development of large and fine muscle groups and increasing overall body coordination abilities through martial arts techniques.​The students will develop their balance, hand-eye coordination, physical skills and of course focus, discipline and their ability to follow directions.

Child Class (1st - 7th Grade)

Child Class

These classes concentrate on focus, footwork, necessary kicking and punching skills, self-defense, discipline, and respect. Your child will walk out our doors as a more confident and respectful individual with inherent skills to defend themselves all the while building a stronger body, mind, and spirit. Our goal is to make sure your child builds confidence and a true belief that anything and everything is possible through hard work and determination. We do not believe that things should be given to you - but earned. Through a strong will and 100% effort you can achieve all that you reach for. These important life lessons are at the core of our classes. Your child will develop the basic foundation of hard work and determination that will carry forth in life.

Teen & Adult Class (13 years and up)

Teen/Adult Class

NSMA's training builds confidence and self-discipline and helps teens make good choices. Through the journey from white belt to black belt, teens can discover themselves, overcome challenges, stay focused, and find supportive peers. The positive environment at NSMA will help your teen thrive. When teens are at a crossroads, we provide them with the right guidance and the ability to make the right decisions. Adults, martial arts training is for you too. At North Shore Martial Arts, we honor and respect the experiences of a full life. Our program helps build a strong body and mind, enhancing memory retention and providing a second chance to become the person you've always wanted to be. Whether finishing something you started years ago or beginning anew, all it takes is your desire. Leave the rest to us, and we'll guide you towards a healthy lifestyle and inner growth you never imagined possible.

Sparring Team (Green Belt and up)

Sparring Class

World Taekwondo sparring is a full medal sport in the Olympics and other major international sporting events. Our NSMA Sparring Team teaches the technical skills to compete in local tournaments.  The team practices both offensive and defensive techniques required in sparring; Offensive techniques leveraging different types of kicking and footwork and defensive techniques such as blocking. In addition, the team trains to improve endurance, strength, and confidence. Those who enjoy sparring competition enjoy taking chances, being tough, and responding to the unpredictability of the match.

Leadership Team (Black Belt)

North Shore Martial Arts Junior Leader

The NSMA Leadership Team members are chosen not only for their excellence in Taekwondo, but also for their maturity, focus, respect, and discipline. These students are provided free additional training in the finer points of Taekwondo technique, the culture and history of Taekwondo, the meaning of Leadership in our society, and the best techniques for teaching Taekwondo. In return, these Leadership Team members assist at regular Taekwondo classes during the week, where they have an opportunity exercise their new skills by leading small-group practices and by assisting the NSMA master and instructors. The NSMA Leadership Team is an outstanding way to help budding leaders of tomorrow’s generation develop and hone now the leadership skills that will carry them through to success throughout their life.

The North Shore Martial Arts Demonstration Team offers a unique opportunity for the development of leadership, school unity and personal growth through diverse activities. Our demonstration team is dedicated to showcasing the discipline, spirit, and benefits of Taekwondo. We believe such values are as important as the skills involved in Taekwondo. We have special training sessions that are above-and-beyond our standard class curriculum, along with competitions and performances both locally and regionally. Membership in our demonstration team builds confidence, teamwork and a sense of responsibility via practice and performances at special events, tournaments, and competitions.

Demo Team (Black Belt)

Demo Team (Black Belt)

Summer Camp (all ages)

NSMA offers 3 different summer camps: Nunchuck camp, Gymnastics camp, and Hapkido Camp. This is one of the best parts of NSMA! The summer camps are each 1 week long. Nunchuck camp starts with Gymnastics camp second, followed by our second Nunchuck camp and Hapkido Camp. All camps are Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12:00 pm. The in-camp program includes Hiking, Balloon Art, Games, Origami, Water Balloon fight, Double Nunchucks, Hap Ki Do techniques, Gymnastic techniques, and more depending on that camp. Nunchuck and gymnastics camp starts at 5 years old and until 12 years old. Hapkido (more self-defense) campers are required to be at least 8 years old or a Black belt of any age.

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